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2016-07-17 L Lange

Chairman: Larry Lange

The May meeting of the Branch’s astronomy activity will take place on May 13, immediately following our luncheon at the Hilton.  We will be showing a DVD by Professor Neil deGrasse Tyson and discussing the recent photograph of a black hole.  All members and their guests are invited.


Larry Lange, co-chairman

Allen Grossman, co-chairman

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 A Brief Description of Dark Matter

A good question!….answered

Time Dilation (8 min.) – background for 03/09/2015 Meeting

How Stars Shine(2 min)

What is Gravity? Newton vs. Einstein (7 min)

A Brief (12 min) Description of Kepler’s Laws:

About the Particle Properties of Light:The Wave/Particle Double Split Experiment Explained:

On Photons and Relativity:

The Photon and Light as a Particle:


To review the announcement on evidence of cosmic inflation and gravitational waves click on Big Discovery. For background information also click on the links at the end of the article. ..also a video lecture on the Celestial Sphere

Activity Costs:

For regular meetings – little or no cost.  For field trips – each participant pays the related admission and docent charges as well as food and other related costs and also provides their own transportation.