Branch 8

Make Friends for Life

Activity Coordinator’s Report

Activity Coordinator: Steve Schramm  
Cell 925-222-0801


On December 1, the Branch 8 Activities Chairmen assembled for our annual meeting. We reviewed the results from 2017, and discussed goals for improving activities in 2018.

Currently, we have 52 activities and events. That is about the same number as we have had for the past three years. In 2017, we added All About Wine, Geocaching, and are beginning a SIR Chess group. Unfortunately, we lost Geocaching, the Bocce Indoor Winter League, Darts & Pool, and Travelling 9-Hole Golf. These changes are the natural ebb and flow of our activities. Please remember that 31 of them are co-ed activities.

A significant advancement is the introduction of the Activities Calendar. I hope that you are using it to find your favorite activity, and to learn when other interesting activities are meeting. The Calendar is located on the far right of the top toolbar on the Branch 8 website homepage. Our Activity Chairmen will be posting new events for 2018, so I encourage you to actively use the calendar this year.

My thanks to our Activity Chairmen for developing and maintaining our healthy activities throughout the year. Attached is a group photo from our meeting on December 1. Please take a minute to thank these gentlemen, and offer encouragement to them. In many ways, they are the lifeblood of our branch. Their good work is what keeps all of us engaged with each other as members of SIR Branch 8.

Have a great 2018! I look forward to seeing you on the links, at the dinners, tasting wine, reading books, and fully participating in our branch activities.



  •  Update 1.06.18