Branch 8

Make Friends for Life

Is SIR Branch 8 for you?

Want to see what our Branch is about?  Pictures speak louder than words, just click here for our video  “CeleBR8 – Join Branch 8” and enjoy!

Then arrange to come to one of our monthly luncheons and start meeting new friends! If you’re coming to us through the Internet, we’re assuming that you don’t know any of our Branch 8 members who would host and guide you.  Don’t worry, we have a process in place to take care of that – here’s all you need to do: Contact our Recruiting Chairman, Howard Meadow : ( or phone (415-606-5556).  You will be  contacted within 3 days.

Howard will contact you to get an idea of your interests, then assign a volunteer host who will call to introduce himself, and invite you to our next luncheon, held on the second Monday of the month (except June and December) at the Concord Hilton Hotel. Together, you will set a time and a place to meet, your volunteer host will also make a luncheon reservation for you.  At the luncheon, he will take you to the Lunch Ticket Table where you may make your luncheon payment of $35.00 (as of 1/01/2018) by check only, and provide you with a badge and an important Guest Package with full information about our branch and a membership application. You can also download an application form by clicking HERE.

Your host will also introduce you to other members available who either lead or participate in those activities you would like to consider joining and/or had similar work experience with.  You’ll then join him at one of the luncheon tables for the meal and the monthly program.  At the conclusion of the luncheon, we’ll ask you to stay after lunch, a few minutes, to fill out a comment form, providing us feedback on your SIR visit experience, as we constantly strive to improve our branch procedures.

By the end of the luncheon, you may already know that you want to join. If so, you can ask your host to be your sponsor, complete the application and turn it in to Bob Barnes, our Membership Secretary or, if more convenient at the time, directly to your sponsor.  Many of our guests submit their application at their first visit. If you wish to attend another luncheon as a guest, please advise your host, he will make a reservation for you and schedule a repeat of the pre-described process.

You may participate in many of our 51 or more activities as a guest and/or while waiting to be nominated for membership by the Branch Executive Committee (BEC) meeting. Once the BEC has accepted your nomination, you are welcomed as an active member. The entire process usually takes less than three months, depending on scheduling times. Your sponsor will continue to assist and guide you for the next 6 months. Full, detailed information, which should answer most of your questions, will be found in your Guest Package.

Howard  invites you to attend one of our meetings as a guest, submit a membership application, and become an active member. We confidently feel that you will find SIR is a GREAT organization, one which can fill your social and friendship needs beyond your, and your wife or partner’s, expectations. We encourage early Activity participation, and we will gladly mentor and guide you in the establishment of a New Activity if your favorite activity is not available. A copy of our Application Form can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

SIR Branch 8 has long recognized the absolute importance of membership volunteers, we see them as the life blood of our branch; we simply would not be as strong, nor as vital as we are today, without our valued volunteers! We welcome and encourage all new members, to “JOIN US & JOIN IN” by volunteering for any activity or position that suits your vision! We feel Branch 8 is the BEST because of the support from our Branch 8 Volunteers!

Join us, and enjoy an active and socially fulfilling life.

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