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SIR Happenings

Please click on the following visual link  to see the latest edition of SIR Happenings, the State newsletter with news of many SIR branches plus articles from SIR leadership. Branch 8 members are again well represented, so download and enjoy the latest version dated…  January 2018

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Some earlier copies are also available for downloading from here or from the State website:

Spring 2016
Winter 2016
Summer 2015
Spring 2015
Winter 2015
Fall 2014
Summer 2014
Spring 2014
March (Winter) 2014
November (Fall) 2013
September (Summer) 2013
May (Spring) 2013
February (Winter) 2013 

If you have garbled printing go here for a full explanation of the procedure to follow

Click on the link below if you’d to see the archive file of all Happenings from 2004 to Summer 2011. It is 20MB, so, depending on the speed of your internet connection, it may take some time. (It took around 1 minute on my fast Comcast account!). Once you have downloaded the archive file you can search for a specific name or topic using  Control-Shift-F(on a PC!):

Happenings archive from 2004 – Summer 2011

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