Branch 8

Make Friends for Life

Let’s Dine In #1


April report
The Bensons’ hosted a fabulous dinner. Boneless prime rib, Yorkshire
Pudding and twice baked potatoes. Smiths’ provided a classy creamed
spinach followed by Denesses’ refreshing arugula salad. Pat Eich
finished off with a grasshopper pie(forgot how good it is). Started
the evening with appetizers by Kargs’ and Cassano. The wine was top
notch. A good time was had by all. 
Head Eater Ron Cassano

updated 3/26/2019 by DLS

 This is a couples activity. We meet every other month at a members home. The host provides a main dish and other members round out the dinner with accompanying sides. We each bring a  wine to share. 

Contact Ron Cassano at   if interested in starting a “dine in” group. 



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