SIR Branch 8 Genealogy Activity

The Genealogy Activity started in January 2015 with meetings held at the Pleasant Hill library that quickly lost participation in meetings. That’s understandable considering the constraints of a library computer room. I think we all would rather do this type of research at home where we are more comfortable. I have since offered to help anyone who wants to pursue their genealogy by having them contact me at or at 925 588-6792.

I have decided to write a series of short subjects concerning genealogy so as help those with this interest. This is not something that you have to get your wife or girl friend to do for you. Although, it is more fun if they share this interest. You do have to use your head in discerning what you discover. After all there are certain rules in nature that hold true and if something doesn’t make sense, it is probably wrong. It is just as important to confirm that someone is not family as it is that they are family. I will hope that for those who pursue this interest that you learn something more about yourself and your family. I find that most of my support of this interest comes from my family, but not all therein. Happy hunting; as I stated I will write more about how to do this over the months. You can contact me anytime you want.

Chairman Dan Smith 429-0431

SIR Genealogy 2-12-2015 Chairman Dan Smith leads discussion at a meeting in Pleasant Hill Library

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