Branch 8

Make Friends for Life

Comment Card feedback

Analysis of Comment Cards from March 11, 2019 SIR Branch 8 Lunch Meeting.

There were six cards turned in by five members and one unaffiliated attendee. One member was “Satisfied”, one member was “A bit annoyed”, and three members and the unaffiliated attendee did not provide their attitude.

Since there was no meal at this meeting, no one complained about having chicken too frequently.

Two members commented about the speakers. One wants better speakers while the other thinks the speakers were great.

One member noticed the lack of salads at 11:40 AM which foreshadowed the meal cancellation.

One member thinks guests should get a raffle ticket also.

The most interesting comment was that they liked to see the BEC circulate around the hall before lunch.

updated 3/28/2019 by DLS