Branch 8

Make Friends for Life

Photo Galleries

The purpose of this section is to provide photo galleries of the members of Branch 8. Each section relates to a specific status that a member has at the time the picture is taken. The photo galleries are to be updated in the week after each month’s BEC meeting.

This is a list of the galleries and a brief description.

Active Members
Each member of Branch 8 has an Active status from a SIR state perspective.

Honorary Life Member (HLM)
This is a specific award that is given at either the State or Branch level. There are specific requirements that must be met to be awarded an HLM.

Leave of Absence Member (LOA)
The Leave of Absence status is specific to Branch 8. This status was created when the State eliminated the Inactive status. The status is assigned to a member who for a variety of reasons may not be able to meet the Branch 8 lunch attendance rules.