Branch 8

Make Friends for Life

Important Branch Information & Regulations

The following information replaces what was repeated monthly in Hotline. Members are asked in particular to note the deadline (noon on the Wednesday preceding the monthly luncheon meeting) for notifying the Attendance Secretary (Bill Peterson) of your absence from the meeting. The hotel holds us to the number of meals ordered,  and they have a WEDNESDAY noon deadline. Without an excused absence a member is liable for the cost of the unconsumed meal.

Branch 8 has passed a number of Regulations according to SIR State rules, and they are available in the following downloadable attachment. There are also some State rules listed below which cover some general requirements.

Click this link to review Branch 8 Regulations

Rule 60.  Members are obligated to attend all regular luncheon meetings unless prevented by illness or absence from the Branch locale.

Rule 100 A member may be notified in writing by his Branch of the pending termination of his membership (Rule 107) should he be responsible for either of the following:

  1. Miss three (3) consecutive regular luncheon meetings without having been excused by contacting the designated Branch Attendance person prior to the meeting date. (Please note that Branch Regulation 2 requires that notice of absence be received by noon on the Wednesday before the luncheon in order to be considered excused.  Months May and July are considered consecutive as are months November and January in applying the unexcused absence rule)
  2. Did not attend one-half of the regular luncheon meetings within the previous twelve consecutive month period.

NOTE: Excused meetings cannot be included to achieve the minimum attendance.  (Minimum attendance for Branch 8 is 5 of the 10 regular luncheon meetings. Ladies Day luncheons are not included in satisfying minimum attendance.)

Rule 101. Certification of attendance by a member at another Branch meeting will be considered as a credit to his attendance record.  There is a maximum of two visits per year.

Attendance Hotline for Excused Absences

or email

Non-Responsibility Declaration:

All activities arranged for or by, or sponsored by, Sons In Retirement, Incorporated, and its Branches are for the convenience and pleasure of the members and their guests who desire to participate.  Sons In Retirement Inc. and its Branches do not assume any responsibility for the well-being or safety of the participants, or their property, in any matters pertaining to said activities.

If you change any of the above, please notify Bob Barnes. If you need a new member’s email address (or phone number), you can also contact Bob Barnes at (925) 686-0106 or send him an email

Bob Barnes      686-0106    

Emails sent to

for excused absences will be confirmed with a ‘Reply’ it was received.  Messages sent to personal email accounts will not be answered.

If a ‘Reply’ confirming receipt of the email is not received, it is the member’s responsibility to follow up and ensure it was sent to the correct address.  Either resend the email or call the attendance number at 925-901-4826 by Thursday noon prior to the meeting.

Please note calls to the telephone number will not be automatically returned since the greeting message confirms the correct number was reached.

Please bring a guest, but if you want to be sure your guest has a place to sit and gets a meal, you need to do the following:

Call the Attendance Secretary, Bill Peterson, on the attendance hotline: 925-901-4826 or by e-mail

no later than noon on Wednesday before the meeting. Then Bill can adjust his count for the caterer.

Drawing for a free lunch will be held in January and in July for members who bring guests to meetings during the previous six months.  You can use the SIR cards available at the check-in table to invite guests.

For each new guest sponsored during the previous six month period, a member will have an entry in the drawing.  Bring one new guest, have one chance.  Bring 3 new guests, have 3 chances!  And for your efforts, you do not have to be present to win.